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SKU: SEAH #2-#3 Seagrass - 3 pound HANK

#2-#3 Seagrass - 3 pound HANK
Purchase #2-#3 Seagrass - 3 pound HANK
  • SKU: SEAH #2-#3 Seagrass - 3 pound HANK

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2 ply twisted seagrass rope
(each ply is made up of individual strands of seagrass).
Approximately 500 feet per 3 pound HANK. Hanks are approximately 3 feet long and may be harder to unroll than a coil.

#2-#3 seagrass diameter is approximately 5/32" (3.50 - 4mm) - 3/16" (4.5 - 5mm)  and can vary slightly in size, color and texture.
A coil may contain multiple pieces of rope and may or may not be continuous.

ALL seagrass is twisted by hand and may have a true measurement of slightly larger or smaller. Please specify if a true width is needed.
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