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The Country Seat, Inc ~ Basketry, Gourd Weaving & Chair Seating Supplies ~ Celebrating over 45 years in business! Est. 1975
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Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting the Shop during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Q: Is the shop open?
A: The shop is currently closed while our phone hours are our normal hours of 10-4 Monday through Friday (closed 1st Fridays).

Please understand that I wish to stay healthy and keep the business up and running.

If I am sick the business shuts down and no orders will ship.

I also wish to keep my father healthy and not expose him to Covid-19 while he is here at work and to risk his, my mother's and my husband's health. Older and elderly patients have the highest risk for complications that can turn deadly quickly.

Please stay safe and be considerate for those around you who may have underlying health issues that could put them at great risk even if you are not concerned for yourself. Thank you.

Shipping Charges

  • Q: What do you charge for shipping?
A: We have always tried to charge you the actual charges from USPS or UPS that are based on your package size, weight and location, so this can be very different each time you order.
To celebrate our 45 anniversary and lauch of this new online catalog we are currently charging $10 per order and orders over $300 are shipping for free. If you are purchasing just a couple of paper patterns please choose the $1.80 option.
International orders are charged at actual rates and there is an International choice at $45 (which is an average base rate), you will be contacted with the actual rate. If the rate is less, the difference will be refunded, if it is higher an invoice will be sent for payment before your order is shipped.
We will be moving into a UPS integrated shipping system, showing and charging rates closer to the actual, in the new year.

Customer Number

  • Q: What is my customer number and what does it mean?
A: Please look on the upper right hand corner of your invoice/receipt. Your customer number will be printed right below the invoice number.
The customer number is made from three things: the first 4 digits of your last name, the last 4 digits of your HOME telephone number.
If you move or change your name, please let us know so that we may change your customer number and remain current.
We use this customer number to find you quickly in our files. If there is ever a problem with an order, we need your customer number to find you and the order information.

  • Q: How can I get a cheaper price on your products?
A: We offer quantity discounts on almost every item that we sell.
Quantity Reed Discounts:
   1 - 10 of the same size and typeFull Price
    10 - 14 of the same size and type10%
    15 - 24 of the same size and type15%
    25 - 49 of the same size and type20%
    50 - 99 of the same size and type25%
    over 100 of the same size and type30%

MIXED Quantity Reed Discounts
- different sizes, same type (all flats, all flat oval, etc.):

    1 - 10 coils mixed sizes, same type Full Price
    10 -14 coils mixed sizes, same type 5%
    15 -24 coils mixed sizes, same type10%
    25 -29 coils mixed sizes, same type15%
    30 - 49 coils mixed sizes, same type20%
    50 - 99 coils mixed sizes, same type25%
    over 100 coils mixed sizes, same type30%

Items on Sale will count toward mixed quantity discount totals but will NOT receive any further discounts unless puchasing enough for the 100 pound mixed discount.

The mixed quantity discounts are not yet all showing in the catalog but prices
will be adjusted prior to shipping an a refund will be issued.

Hoops, Handles, Wires and Items Priced by the Dozen

   Remember that hoops, handles and wires are always cheaper by the dozen
(same size and item)
   12 - 71 of the same size and item 10%
   72 - 143 dozen of the same size and item 15%
   144 + of the same size and item 20%

Stool Frame, Kit or Basket Kit
   6+ of the same item10%

Books & Pattern Sheets
   6+ of the same book or pattern marked (D) before the title in the print catalog40%
   6+ copies of the same copy of all other books and patterns 20%
   12+ copies of the same copy of patterns by Longenecker and/or Wagner 50% wholesale order

We are not a wholesale company, but if you compare our prices with companies that are "wholesale", you will often find our regular prices are lower.

Shipping Charges
  • Q: How are your shipping charges calculated?
A: At this time we are charging flat fees based on the dollar amount of your order. If you paid more than the actual shipping charges a refund will be given. Many people are saving quite a bit of money with this method.
Once all of our items have been weighed and the information entered into the catalog we will try to go to a automated shipping charge based on the weight of the items. This will charge closer to the actual shipping rates and when that happens refunds will also be given for overpayments.