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SKU: CWFB24 24" wide Fine Box (Radio Weave)

24" wide Fine Box (Radio Weave)
Purchase 24" wide Fine Box (Radio Weave)
  • SKU: CWFB24 24" wide Fine Box (Radio Weave)

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24" wide Fine Box - now labeled as SUPERFINE BOX
Place the number of inches needed in the Quantity Box.

Woven with Fine cane.
Fine Box (also called Radio Weave) is an open woven pattern
with 6 strands to the inch.

Always add two inches to the actual seat opening measurement (12" x 12" opeing becomes 14" x 14" needed).
If you need a piece of cane that measures 14" x 24", put 14 in the Quantity Box.

Prewoven Cane (or Press Cane, Cane Webbing, Loom Cane, Mat Cane, Sheet Cane) is woven on a loom in factories overseas. The strands of cane that run the entire length of the roll must be glued together so that they mesure more than 50 feet in length (a full roll of prewoven cane is 50ft.). These long strands are rolled onto bobbins and form the warp. Shorter cane strands are woven for the weft. 

Due to the fact that the pieces of cane must be glued together in places, there may sometimes be weak or broken spots. To repair these weak spots: Cut pieces of cane from the edge of the mat. Soak both the mat and the short pieces of cane. Using a tweezers and/or flat tipped awl, lift the pieces of cane on the mat and slide the repair piece into place, overlapping as much as possible to add strength.
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