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Finger Tape
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  • SKU: TLFINTAP Finger Tape

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Green or blue self-stick tape. Not sticky, will only stick to itself. Can be reused to a certain extent.
3/4" wide - one roll is 30 yards.
Works great as a protective sheath for those areas of the fingers that get rubbed raw by reed, rush or cane while weaving round reed baskets, rush or hand cane seats, etc. Can get wet and will still stick to itself and not unravel.

1) ALWAYS FOLD OVER THE END!!! of the roll a couple of times before you set it down or put it away. If you do not the end may disappear and you will have to slice it with a knife to get a piece going again. Remember, it is self-stick so any pressure makes it seamless.
2) Always store extra finger tape in a plastic bag to keep it from drying out (the self-stick may not work as well).
3) Wrap father down the finger than needed to stabilize the wrapping.
4) If the tip of the finger is getting sore, cut a small piece and fold it over itself a couple of times and lay this over the tip of the finger. Then wrap around the finger and short piece with a new longer piece to hold the smaller piece in place.
5) Mush/squeeze/rub the tape as you wrap to activate the self-stick.
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