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SKU: BEEWAX21 Pure Beeswax Block 1 pound 5 oz

Pure Beeswax Block 1 pound 5 oz
Purchase Pure Beeswax Block 1 pound 5 oz
  • SKU: BEEWAX21 Pure Beeswax Block 1 pound 5 oz

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You are purchasing a block of beeswax weighing 1 pound, 5 ounces.
Type 1 in the quantity box to order.

All natural, pure, clean  beeswax, light honey colored and smells great!
Beeswax may be in poured blocks or uneven chunks as pictured.

Produced by our local Kempton bees.

You may notice a white film on your beeswax. This is called "bloom" and tells you that you have 100% pure beeswax! Only pure beeswax will bloom. It can be removed by rubbing with a soft cloth, the warmth of your rubbing fingers or warm water. It does not affect the properties of beeswax.

Melt the beeswax to seal raw gourds, make waxed thread, candles or use for other craft products. A coating of beeswax will render a gourd water proof. Great for making canteens or water dippers.
You can turn your favorite embroidery thread (or other plain thread) into a waxed thread. Pull the thread across the top of the block until the thread has the desired coating of beeswax. Coat it a little or a lot, you decide.

Please remember that beeswax has a low melting point so always use a double boiler or crock pot on warm to melt your beeswax.
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